Catit Play & Scratch Cat Toy With Catnip

Catit Play & Scratch Cat Toy With Catnip

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Green color

Auction for one toy.



Product details: 
* diameter 34cm (approx) 
* height 4.5cm, spring height 25cm (approx) 


Customer's feedback:

fussy10   13/5/15    very Helpful and friendly to deal with,and I would be happy to deal again, Thank you . 

Key Benefits:

Keeps your cat entertained
Helps focus your cat away from scratching on the furniture
Cardboard refills allow you to reuse the toy

Catit Play-n-Scratch Cat Toy is an irresistible cat toy with scratching mat, ball, springy cat toy, and catnip. 

Cats love scratching the surfaces of objects to keep their claws short and sharp. In order to reduce damages to furniture and carpets, you can provide your scratch-happy friend with this irresistible toy. 

Now your feline companion can scratch to his or her heart's content with this mat. It also includes a ball to roll around, a fluffy toy on a spring, and beloved catnip 

The perfect way to keep your pet fit, active, and happy! 

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